Closing Time: 36 Cedar St Everett Ma

    Happy I could get my clients the results they wanted. ​Congratulations Lisa and Victor on the sale of your home! It was a pleasure assisting both of you with this process.

    Since I love looking at and analyzing data - I just wanted to share some of the stats on the sale of this house.

    Address: 36 Cedar St. Everett Ma 02149

    Description: 4 bed 1.5 bath, Colonial

    Sq Ft: 1,319

    List Price: $319,000

    Sold Price: $337,000 or +$18,000 over list price which is 105.6% of list original list price

    In the last 3 months there have been 31 homes sold, 15 of them or 48% have sold in the same price range as 36 Cedar St between $300 - $350K. Which indicates there is a clear demand for homes in this price range.

    The other 14 listings sold in the $300 - $350K range on average listed for $320K as compared to 36 Cedar listed at $319K. On average these other listings sold for $321K as compared to 36 Cedar which sold at $337K. Even though 36 Cedar was listed slightly below the average, it sold for above average prices.

    36 Cedar was off the market 50% faster (22 days) than the average listing in the 300 - 350K range (44 days). We received 8 offers, 7 were at or above listing price. We received offers in 1/3 of the time (8 days) it took the average listing agent in the 300 - 350K range (23 days).

    The buyer was definitely happy with his purchase, this is a picture of him below.

    If you know anyone looking to get their home sold and fast, please contact me at 617-276-5352.

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